the Team

Unity Team

Saddamjit Singh

Game Lead/Producer

The leader of the pack, having a technical background and worked on dozens of projects himself, he now acts as the conductor of the orchestra.


  • MMO games specialist
  • Team and client management
  • Real time multiplayer games expert


  • Pro gamer and developer
  • Expert in algorithms and game logics
  • Perfectionist in his work

Gurdeep Singh

Senior Game Developer

He is a full time Developer.
He is a quick thinker with a keen eye for
finding solutions. He codes like a perfectionist
and you can count on him to turn anything
into an algorithm.

Rajbir Singh

Senior Game Developer

He is the one who knows how to do
smart work and he works at the speed of
a bullet train. He never misses a deadline &
always deliver work with perfection.
He is from Gameloft.


  • MMO games specialist
  • Team and client management
  • Real time multiplayer games expert

QA Team

Sunita Kumari

QA Lead

She is one of the most intelligent tester of North India and her skills include Automation & Load testing & Manual testing. She got name on world’s best testing website Blazemeter


  • Certified Quality Analysis
  • Guarantee of bug-free delivery
  • A perfectionist in her work.

Back End Team


  • She is an expert in NodeJS, MongoDB, DynamoDB, AWS, Java, and She has made many multiplayer plugins for many complex games.
  • As the backend is all about the logic, she is well versed with all complex algorithms and can solve any problem with few lines of code.

Amandeep Kaur

Back-end Lead

She is an expert in building large,MMO games and implementing the multiplayer using API’s and sockets in them. She manages a team of 8 backend developers and delivers perfection.

Design Team

Rupesh Kumar

Graphics Lead

He leads 2D art, 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, 2D & 3D animations, UI design and concept art. He knows how to do magic using pen tab and Photoshop. His designs always give us one thing from the client and that is appreciation


  • Expert in 3D Animation
  • Team and client management
  • Expert in UI design and concept art



Fresco Gaming Team brought a wide range of game ideas into existence.
With the use of gaming engines like Unity, Unreal, construct2 and
Phase, our developers created global trending game.
Kindly see some of the portfolio of the developers working with us –

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Our Expertise

We work mainly on game development and game design. We work on all sort of games from small addictive games to massively multiplayer online games. We have covered the following Game genres and design categories so far.


  • 3D Modeling
  • Rigging & Animation
  • 2D & 3D Animation
  • Digital Art
  • Rendering
  • UI Design for Games
  • Particles & Effects
  • UI / UX Storyboards


  • MMO Games
  • Simulation Games
  • Real Time Strategy
  • RPG’s
  • Casino & Slot Games
  • Sports Games
  • Turn-Based Strategy
  • Small and casual games

Our Weapons
of Mass
Desctruction …


This Engine is a boon for mobile gaming. It's flexibility allows developers to make any game imaginable.

Unreal Engine

Wanna make a console game with jaw dropping graphics.Well this is engine for you.


Need simple 2D browser game.We got your back


We all have see enough internet memes to know, this beast can turn anything into anything


Every 3D game or movie probably uses this for making the good stuff

3Ds Max

Maya's Wise old brother, it's used to make precise models like architecture &stuff.


Wanna make a massively mega-sized monstrous multiplayer game?? Well, it puts mmulti in multiplayer.


Via these you can make your game talk with server.


Via these you can make your game talk with server.

Arthur Curry

3 years ago I came to know about Fresco. The team is polite, innovative and hardworking. They delivered me up to 9 projects including 2 games which are proven as a game-changer for me. I recommend their services to all who want to bring something different in the world.

Maria Delacruz

It was amazing working with Fresco Gaming Services. They handed me a source of fortune generator. Their ideas implementation are so on point that they made my Game popular all over the world.

Tzu Yu Serua

Fresco delivered top-notch games for us. They exactly understand what a true gamer can love and demand . Along with development, They are passionate about your growth.

Client Feedback

We are in this market for 4 years now and we have delivered quality to number of our clients. We believe in our team and always deliver perfection.

If you feel we are the right people for your job feel free to contact us



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